Some anonymous reviews by women who have visited me:
Women that come all vary widely in age. From 18 to 51. Here are some of their reviews and experiences with me:

Some review on Google also:

“I never had an orgasm like that in my life. When i was hair-drying at your place i also realized that my back-pain that i always have is completely gone.”

„Most men don’t have a clue how to touch a woman. With you i can completely let go. I trust you“

„Now I feel totally relaxed“

„You gave me a lot“

“I am 40 years old and i had my first orgasm with you in my life”

„The last time i felt like this was years ago when i did my spiritual trip in India. I can really feel my heart energy.“

„Where did you learn this? come on you have to tell me. I don’t know anyone who is this good“

„I told all my friends about you. I am amazed.“

„That was just unbelievable. I never experienced something like this.“

„Now the days after the session i feel like reborn. With lots of energy and confident as a woman.“

„I never had something as intensive as this“

„I wish you would have been my first experience with men“

„You are like a magician“

If you want to have experiences like this or similar ones and you want a really nice erotic massage with spiritual elements then get in touch with me 🙂