Some questions people ask me:

I am 19 is that a problem?
Age doesn’t matter as long as you are over 18.

Whats a session like?
First we do a short relaxation exercise. Then we discuss what you would like to experience. After that i use my intuition to determine if we do any spiritual exercises beforehand. After that i can start massaging real slow while you are lying on your belly.

I am a virgin. Is that a problem?
Not at all. I can massage you anyway you like

Do you also massage breasts?
Only if the client wants me to

do you wear normal clothing?
yes i do.

Why should i come to your place and not in another studio?
I have very high intuition and sensibility. No one even comes close to that.

Is it important to be shaved intimately?
Its more pleasant for me but not 100% necessary

Is it possible to let go next to a stranger?
Yes. with a few relaxing spiritual exercises its absolutely no Problem