About Me


Hello 🙂
I am Daniel Eder, a spiritual teacher/healer and Masseur specializing in massage for women. On some Sundays, i organize open spiritual sessions for groups of 15-25 people

I was born in Prague and lived many years in USA and Spain. I currently reside in Munich. My education is BBA & MBA in International Marketing but i have been working spiritually all my life with people. Since a few years my intuition and spiritual growth has accelerated and i started offering massages and spiritual work for women. To the point that almost all my work is now in the direction of spirituality, body & energy work.

I have been massaging women many years now and i use combination of spiritual energy, chakra healing and intuition to release your energy blockages and make you feel great.

All my work is heart based. I don’t do anything which goes against the heart. Feel free to contact me

Feel free also to add me on Facebook:
contact me on whatsapp: 017643838248
International Whatsapp: +4917643838248