Massages & Spiritual Sessions ♡ only for women ♡

Welcome to my website 🙂
I am Daniel Eder and i offer massages and spiritual sessions especially for women.


I love giving & caring for women with the most wonderful massages you can imagine. You can relax & enjoy without having to give anything back.

I massaged hundreds of women so i have lots of experience.

I offer several hour sessions for women with Chakra Massage, Tantra Massage Munich , Yoni Massage, Orgasm Massage, Happy End & spiritual sessions. The spiritual sessions are there to release energetic blockages. (Chakra Healing, Mantras, Mudras, EFT, to normal massages and erotic massages)

My intuition and sensibility for energies is so high that i can already feel energetic blockages when you are in the room sometimes even before clients come to me.

Safety & Comfort have highest priority and when i work with you its all about you. All i do comes from the heart.

Sensuality & Intuition are my strongest assets

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